Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Letters from Thailand

Alaina Labelle January 15 at 6:03pm Reply
Well, we made it to Bangkok... thought my head was going to explode, couldn't even hear out of my right ear, then getting through security and could barely understand what they were saying! haha :P
Then I went to bed as soon as we got to the hotel, which was at 7pm, bk time, and then I woke up at 3:30am, didn't get out of bed till 6am though. Had to get water, we only had a small bottle for the whole night ("Jordan, water... meh meh meh" like dumbledore). Today we went to the train station to get our tickets, so that's what will happen tomorrow, our train leaves at 7:30pm and we get to Krabi at 6:30am, should be sweet.
Today we were scammed! it wasn't so bad, but we got tired of it and made the tuk tuk driver drop us off! it was silly, I will have to explain how it works sometime, don't want to right now... :P
So funny when I went to go on the internet, Alex and Weez's firefly song came on! So cute! Just had early dinner. I'm wondering what's going to "do me in" ...: The Pad Thai from the street vendor, the spicy curry from dinner, the skin on the apple, or the sun... I'll let you know if I ever find out...
We went to Th Khao San Rd, it's super touristy, pretty sure we got ripped off... but getting ripped off usually means add an extra CAD. Tiff you should be excited, got you something that will probably make you shit kittens (and you wouldn't even be annoyed with them) muhahaha, now you must wait 2 months to find out!
Didn't see anything for you Trina, I will find the perfect drawing though! Haha, maybe it will be a hand drawing of J and I, HAHAHA!
What else, it's been a busy day! We went to a temple and got some pics, we also got suckered into buying Holy Water... from a monk... don't know what the fuck we'll do with it...? Also a good luck bracelet, from said monk, all for donations... they're nice...
Bought myself a dress, probably got ripped off, but it really only cost $5.50 hahaha... sooo cheap. J got sandals, and pants, really nice.
Lots of riding in Tuk Tuks! They are crazy, ALL the vehicles, it's like being in a high speed chase that you see on movies, except that's just how they drive, crazy! So much pollution! it's yucky! you can taste it! :( blahhhh!
Well, we'll see what happens tonight and tomorrow then I will be able to tell you more! Okay, miss you still... :)
Love you guys!

The days are sooo hard here! This is what it's been like:
Get up in the morning and go climbing.
Gorge on breakfast.
Go have a nap till it's too hot in the bungalow.
Go to the beach and watch all the hard climber.
Suntan and swim.
Go drink pina coladas and eat shrimp tempura.
Go back to bungalow and read....
just as an example...

-Seen a monkey today... we ran away.
- Love Thailand, still hate Bangkok...
- Our climbing trip to Thailand has turned in to a Vacation with climbing in it!...
- Lots of fat men in speedos...
- Drinking 6L of water a day!...
- Starting speak broken english, with accent...

Hahaha, will update more later!
Love you,
A & J

Sunday, January 10, 2010

What...It's rude to finger???

Relationships suck........Not sure if that is all peoples opinions but for now, Relationships fucking suck in my book.
Yah, some might say I'm being rash or harsh, or whatever, but until you have walked a day in my shoes, How about keeping your opinions to your self for now, because like most women after a break-up, I am bitter. It's hilarious to look back sometimes and go over the relationship in our heads....Thinking about all the little "everythings", all the supposed "moments" we had, maybe some of our "blunders" and "mistakes". I find it unbelievable how stupid we are to certain behaviors and habits of others. I look back, and almost choke my self disgust. What was I thinking??? I can tell you what I was thinking......ok maybe I can't. I was so focused on making a relationship work, compromising this that and the other that I actually blinded myself!!! (Some may disagree, but this is my blog) I am no stranger to messed up relationships, and my last one was no different than the others, it might even be more messed up cause I was sober for almost 99% of it....I have nothing to blame but myself. And here's the best part, I would not change a thing!!! Im not looking to go thank the guy for allowing me to have this life altering experience that smarted my lame ass up (hey, thanks man for this shit, my stress level, migraines and more violent stomach problems thank you...) but I am going to go forward in my life with what I learned and kick life in the ass. Im not going to settle for a half ass relationship!! I want the whole kit-and-caboodle!! I want it all. I want unconditional love, not "Unconditional" love with "Conditions"....I want someone who thinks I look pretty when I wake up, I want someone who can run a washing machine with out the help from me over the phone, I want a man who enjoys my kids.....(and I'm not looking for a baby-daddy either, cause the kids have a dad thank-you) To some this might be a tall order, but hey, you're probably not the man or women of my dreams anyway.....But to some, this seems like common sense, and that is what I want. I give my all, I am ready able and willing.......*ahem*....was ready willing and able, for now my little heart is on strike. Its angry like a crazed Guns'n'Roses fan at a cancelled concert, its pissed and drunk on old milwaukee!!! (and may-haps has a mullet) It's tired of the bull shit, and it ain't gonna take it anymore. Time to take a vacation of sorts....a vacation with my sisters, kids, family, and friends. Screw boys, cause for now, They stink!!!!
Thank you to all my friends and family for putting up with all my bullshit, Without you these times would be dull and depressing, its so nice to have you in my life, to look back and laugh, Laugh out loud, with my Third eye, wide open, Being in the now, Just being here now.....Thank you!!!

Song of the day - Fuck the Police by N.W.A
Food of the Day - Angry "Razor blade" Tim Horton's Sandwich
Bitch of the day - The lady at The Movie Store

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Procrastination is ....

.... well, it is a lot of things, & unfortunately, I am the epitomy of it. I've noticed a lot of new things about myself the last little while, & being a procrationator is definately on the top of that list. I like to let some of the little things slide til they become a mess with a mind of their own, such as my waistline. It's grown through this Holiday Cookie Season & I find my comfy jeans to be muffin-toppable & my tummy marshmallow-y. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining cuz I still fit into a size 10 (kinda....), & I know for a fact that I have come a loooong way with my weight & general health.

Two years after having my gorgeous daughter, Kelsey, I had my amazingly weird son, Seamus, & after 40 weeks of eating nothing but Ice Capps & Timbits I tipped the scales at 240lbs. It was horrifying! Never have I been so heavy in my life & I knew that I had to do something about it. New Year's Resolution: Lose Weight. I accomplished it within 3 & a half months! I went to the gym twice a day, 6 days a week, ate nothing but bananas, soups, & salads, & took every chance I had to get moving on top of counting every little calorie. My last offical diet weigh-in I was 140 lbs; I had a defined waist, ankles (as opposed to Kankles), & only 1 chin (the one I was born with!). Now I see dieting as a lifestyle change, one that I must do again as I am once again getting squishy, & one that I must must must maintain, not only for my girlish figure, but for my health.

New Year's 2010 Resolution: Change Lifestyle. I shall say good-bye to all my favorite foods: Coca-cola, I will miss your bubbly personality ... keep kickin' pepsi's ass without me! Mini Wheats, you delicious biscuits, I can nolonger stomach a 750 calorie bowl of your sweetness, & my colon can nolonger stomach the obstructions! Dearest & Naughtiest Expensive Fancy Coffees, you shall be my biggest loss, for I adore you more over everything I consume. But your 2000 liquid calorie injection of little nutritional value is a stab in my back, you break my heart, why can't you be delicious and low-cal? *sigh*

So, as for procrastinating, it is no more the disgusting, smelly monkey on my back! Besides, procrastination is like masturbation, either way, you're just fucking yourself ....

Weight Today: 160 lbs.

New Calorie Intake: 1300 - 1500/per day

How Many Bananas? Looks like 3!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Little Sisters weekend of terror

Training, training, training! I can still only do 5 pull up though! bah humbug! I should be doing more training in the climbing gym too, instead of just general conditioning! Gotta look good for the beaches and the climbs for our trip. :P Two more months till we get on a plane and fly around the world, CRAZY, I’m nervous!

This weekend was a good one, did some training (of course), did a nice jog with Big sister, Melissa and J. I’m not as sore as the first time we went, thank god! and we actually spent a bit of time at “home” this weekend too, I spent my time cooking, I made some pumpkin/squash manicotti, and I discover the joy that is a bread machine, wow, you just add the ingredients and let it do all the work, amazing. My bread is usually rushed and never given the proper amount of time to rise, and half the time I think my yeast is dead or I killed it, always comes out kinda hard and doughy... not with a bread machine though, perfect and fluffy, with a cruchy crust, it’s great!

So, Saturday morning I get up early, and sit down the drink my coffee... what was that? I thought I’d seen something out of the corner of my eye, guess not.. Wait, what was that? My other eye saw something... oh, I guess not, and before I can finish thinking to myself: “maybe I should get my eyes checked...” a mouse come hauling ass through the room. Because I was raised by cats, I took off after it and chased it into the kitchen where it found refuge under the stove, so I sat and waited... but as soon as i stood up to get more coffee, it took off peeling around the corner (if it had been a car, it would have burned rubber), in which case I took off after it, chasing it from kitchen, to music room, to living room, to entrance way, until it took off under the door into the basement. I stopped there, no way I was going to go into the basement. So I told Bern when he got up that the sneaky mouse lived in the basement. B set up a trap and now the mouse is dead. End of story...

The power went out on saturday night, for maybe half an hour, and it was pitch black. I’d been sitting watching something with B, and he was prepared, because this had already happened once that evening, so he makes his way into the kitchen to light some candles. I follow behind at a distance so I don’t run into him. Jordan had been sitting in the den/office working on a giude book, power goes out = lost work, dang (actually it was a goblin yell of frustration, eek). He also makes his way to the kitchen (with a frightful purpose). Bernie who is ahead of me is the first victim, Jordan scares him and I stop where I am, B laughs and I hear him shuffle from the room, taking the candle with him. It’s quiet, too quiet... I think of all the zombie movies I’ve seen. “Jordan?” I called out, wait a second, then I call out again “jordan???” I know he’s there in the darkness, waiting to scare me! My only defense is to fall to the ground. I hear shuffling, and I curl up smaller. J laughs, “Where are you?” Ha, he was right in front of me, I start kicking with my feet, powder-puffing his shins. Jerk, trying to scare me! But I showed him!

It’s actually a good thing we were home this weekend. Bernie has some chickens, and ducks and geese, which he lets wander around the yard (and who follow him around as he does yard work), and on sunday we were all inside chilling (just humans, not poultry), I was making my manicotti and noticed the geese doing their usual thing (wandering and picking at the gardens), but something was different, I look closer, holy shit, the male goose was chasing a bobcat up the hill. hahaha. I called Bernie so he could go and protect his geese, because the bobcat was coming back down the hill. So B went out and scared the cat away, and after a look at the geese he discovered one of the lady geese had a bite mark on her neck. Hmmm, she didn’t seem too bad, so he herded all his poultry friends into their pen and locked them up. The bobcat came back twice more! Looking for food. It left me feeling very torn, the kitty must be really hungry (and we all should know I am quite partial to cats), but I didn’t want it to kill B’s poultry friends, and unfortunately on monday morning the lady goose passed away.

Geese left in the flock: 3

Mice killed: 1

Lives to live: 9

Little Sister

Three Sisters For Hucul Printing!!!

Well for Halloween we got to be in the Hucul Printing ad for the Friday AM flyer!! (Little sister works there so you can say we have a foot in the door.) We all got together during the week at Hucul and with a few pictures and lots of laughs. Alex Salazar took the picture and did all the work to it. (Not that we needed much work) But we think he did an amazing job and we think it really turned out well. Everyone has a hard time telling us apart and who is who, which is weird cause we think it's pretty obvious...anyways. Thanks to Hucul Printing for the opportunity and thanks to Alex Salazar for all the work he put into making us look so awesome!!! You can find other ads that Hucul Printing has put out on Facebook, just search Hucul Printing Ltd and you can see the other ads!! (All the ads are hilarious and original!! Not your average print shop!!)

Best Print shop: Hucul Printing!!
Best Designer at Hucul: Alex Salazar
Mention of Hucul Printing: Lots!!! (shamelessly!!)

Friday, October 30, 2009

I know you've hear the rumors about Middle Children in a family. Tough, under-loved, & a little rough around the edges. For the most part, I believe this to be the truth about me too, until this past weekend. It started about a week ago, when I began to hear nibbling & scratching in the heat vents in the ceiling. Hmm, I thought, I have a mouse. No biggie, I also have a cat, Sadie, who is evil. On Saturday morning I spent some time cleaning my beautiful bedroom when I noticed something crawling away from my cat; there he was! The mouse! I didn't want him to run away, & Sadie had no interest in him for some reason, so I grabbed the nearest jar in my room, shook out the giant wolf spider (I catch spiders ... it's a hobby), & proceeded to shoo the mouse into the jar with the spiked heel of my stiletto. Wow, monster mouse! So chubby & cute! Hmm, why is he moving so slowly? Wait .... I examined the mouse from the top. Yeah, he's fine ... then I looked from the bottom of the jar & my tummy did flips; my Sadie had played with the mouse, a little too vigouriously it seems as his tiny left leg had been torn nearly off of his body which had ripped open his stomach to trail his guts behind him. Ohmigod! I booked into the kitchen & let him crawl onto a clean dishcloth, where he curled up & closed his big brown eyes. Placing him on the heat vent for the stove (on the dishcloth), I turned the oven light on to keep him warm as I tried to think of a solution for his pain & suffering. Nothing, I came up with nothing; there was no way I could kill him, hit him with a shoe, put him in the freezer, chuck him into the field, nothing. So he sat on my stove, curled up in a warm cozy cloth, eyes closed & breathing slowly. Out of nowhere, I began to cry, & not just a couple tears, I cried like a bitch! There was nothing I could do for the mouse but comfort him as he lay dying, & that scared & saddened me. I watched his breathing shallow & become ragged; & he opened his eyes & looked around my kitchen with his tiny twitching nose, turning his little head towards me & blinked. He was taken by spasms as he died, his eyes still on me before he finally took his last breath & passed on. Sitting down, I cried & put the cloth with his small body on my lap & just sat there, thinking about death. I was terrified, I could feel panic rising up the back of my neck like the cold, sticky fingers of the Reaper, my skin was covered in goosebumps & I felt like I was going to be sick. But there was nothing I could do but sit & cry & be frightened. In my mind all I could picture was me dying, everything I would miss: my kids growing up, laughing with my sisters, maybe my wedding, becoming a grandmother, everything, & how I'd just be dust in a box & nothing but a memory that is eventually forgotten. This terrifies me. I know it would be better for me to turn around & celebrate life, enjoy every moment I have because I don't know when it will be my last (& one day it will be), but even now I cannot; I sit & cry like a scared child because I don't ever want to say goodbye to those I love, to my life, to everything that is uniquely me. To my children & my sisters, I love you more than anything this world will ever has to offer, you are my heart, my soul, everything that is me; if I die, never forget me, because I will never forget you.

Middle Sister

Mice to Mourn: 1

Lives to Live: Just one

Doses of Venlafaxine XR: 300mg Daily

1...2....3...too many....start over!!

Well, I think I may have found the perfect recipe for making coffee! Pretty proud!! Many trials and errors though, and it didn't happen over night. One hint that was told to me was to shake the shit out of the grinder while it was blending. This way the beans blend evenly, rather than becoming a fine powder on the bottom, and half beans on top. Makes sense right!!?? Now came the tricky part, how many beans do i add to make a perfect cup of java??? I vaguely remember adding about 3 teaspoons the last time I poisoned myself, so obviously I need to add less. So I start with 2 and half a teaspoons worth.....hmm, looks ok, but looks like there is too many, so i take out 3, look, add 1, hmm, add 2 more.....shake the grinder...pet the kittens....dump them all back, start over, curse the coffee gods......1 teaspoon, 2 teaspoon, 5 beans, take away 1.....look.....look at french press, hold up and examine french press......murmur to myself.....pour beans into french press, get scared at how many beans are in french press, dump into grinder...stare....poke with finger....hmm, add 2 more.....remove a teaspoon worth, play with imaginary beard, hmm, add it back, scratch my head....2 more.....then close my eyes and blend blindly!!!! It was quite the process.....when I got the beans all coarsely chopped I put them into the press and added a pinch of salt, and about 3 cups water, set the timer for 3 minutes and waited. The longest 3 minutes of my life....I was having flash backs as to how disgusting my last cup of "fresh" coffee tasted, how it took all the moisture from my body, I could feel my eyes being sucked back into my head, not even enough tears to blink!! Awful!!! Finally the timer dinged *ding* I added my cream and sugar, stared at the cream and coffee mixing with one another to form a wonderful coffee-color (you know the color) *ting ting* goes the spoon. The moment of truth!!
All that over analyzing paid off!!! Knock on wood I can keep it up. Only takes me 40 minutes to get the measurement right......So if your coming over for coffee, call ahead, I need some time!!!
I have, however, started jogging more often. Its great. It is getting a little cold and things have been pretty busy, but you can always find time to jog, nothing beats that feeling you get when your done your run, like you could just keep jogging....Love it.
Anyways. Gotta run (ha-ha) Happy Halloween!!!
Big Sister.

Satisfied tasters of my coffee: 4
Gaudy rings found on jogging route: 1
Halloween Costume: Yup, thanks to middle sister!!